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Terms & Agreements


Inflatables, jumpers, bounce houses, are used interchangeably to describe our products.



Terms and Agreements are between Fiesta Jump Rentals LLC., herein referred to as FJR, and Customer.


Reservation Length:  

All reservations are for an 8 hour period. Deliveries are made between 8 am and your desired delivery time and pickups are made from your desired pickup time up to 3 hours after. We strive to be on time for all customers, therefore we require a window time of 1-3 hours for Delivery and Pickup. Our drivers make their best effort to accommodate your desired delivery and pickup times, but because of traffic and unexpected events, the times are Not Guaranteed.


Delivery times should be arranged about 1-2 hours before the start of your event. The person who made the reservation or who made payment must be present during the time of delivery to sign for the rented products.

The customer is required to check the rented unit and all tie downs before the driver leaves because there is No Guarantee that the driver can return before Pickup Time.

Due to supply chain shortages and a limited supply of drivers, some orders may be delivered later than anticipated. Please notify us when there is an event start time to help us prioritize delivery routes.


 Pickups will begin from your requested time, and not before, but can range up to 3 hours after (since drivers have more than one order, they may be delayed). Customers will be responsible for any fees associated with Airbnb, short-term rental properties, custodian overtime fees, staff, or building service personnel costs needed to allow drivers access to rented products.


Inflatables can be set up on grass, concrete, or asphalt. A $100 cleaning fee applies for each inflatable to be set up on Sand or Dirt. Customer MUST notify Fiesta Jumps Rentals during reservation if setup will be on Sand or Dirt. Hills or slight inclines in the setup area should be a maximum of 5 degrees. Gates and walkways have to be a minimum of 3.5 feet wide for all inflatables.

Steps (or Stairs):  

Customer MUST inform Fiesta Jump Rentals of any steps (or stairs) present to the setup area. A maximum of 10 steps allowed for rental of any product,  If steps surpass the maximum allowed there will either be a Delivery Fee applied or a reservation will be canceled and a cancellation fee will be applied.

Water Supply

Slip n Slides, Dunk Tanks:   Water products require a regular garden water hose (not provided by Fiesta Jump Rentals) within range of the setup area. Water Slides DO NOT come with any mats or cushions to be placed under the pool area for when users slide down. If a customer wishes to place mats for extra cushion, they need to provide it during the delivery time to the driver. Water should be turned off when the water product is not being used. Inflatable water slides are not engineered to flow water like water parks. Water pressure needs to be low to function properly AAND  prevent flooding in backyards.

Use of water slides; other than the 12-foot, or 15-foot tropical pool splashes into a residential/commercial underground, or above-ground chlorine, or saltwater, pools are not allowed. Improper use may result in additional fees. FJR Inc is not liable for damages/injury from improper use of our rented products resulting from customer/guests relocating rental products after the initial install, and/or water damage from water slide drainage/run-off.


If the driver is not able to set up the unit because of the customer's negligence to inform of any steps, suitable surface, or access requirements, then Fiesta Jump Rentals will have to cancel the order as "Undeliverable" and a delivery/cancellation fee will be charged.

Rental Agreement

1- This rental equipment has been received in good condition and will be returned to the same condition (ordinary wear and accepted.)

2- Customers agrees to company's right to enter premises of a customer at any time to repossess said equipment.

3- Customer agrees to reimburse Fiesta Jumps for all attorney fees, an amount not less than 50% of sums due, court cost and expenses incurred by Rental Company to enforce collection or to preserve or enforce rights under this contract.

4-Customer agrees not to loan, sublet or otherwise dispose of equipment or use it at any other location


5- Customer agrees to pay in full the replacement cost, including labor, for all damages to rental equipment.

6- If the inflatable equipment is lost, stolen or damages beyond the repair the renter agrees to pay up to $3000.00 (Three thousand dollars and 0 cents)


7-Customer agree to ensure that all users (and user's guardians) go over and read all rules.

8-THERE ARE NO WARRANTIES OF MERCHANT ABILITY OR FITNESS, EITHER EXPRESSED OR IMPLIED. The person/s or organizations renting this equipment from Fiesta Jumps will be held responsible and liable for any and all the damages or injury occurring for any reason whatsoever.

I have read the above agreement and fully understand and accept the conditions as above. I am aware that while in my care, I am fully responsible for the inflatable and will pay for any loss or damages that may occur.


9-Leese understands and acknowledges that play in an amusement device entails both known and unknown risk including but not limited to physical injury from falling, slipping, crashing o colliding, emotional injury, paralysis, distress, damage or death of any participant. Lessee agrees to indemnify and hold Fiesta Jumps harmless from any and all claims, actions, suits, proceeding, cost and expenses, fees, damages and liabilities, including but not limited to reasonable attorney's fees and cost arising by reason of in injury, damage or death to persons or property, in connection with or resulting from the use of leased equipment.

This includes, but is not limited to the manufacture selection, delivery, possession, use, operation or return of the equipment. Lessee hereby releases and hold harmless Fiesta Jumps injuries or damages incurred as a result of the leased equipment. Fiesta Jumps cannot , under any circumstances, be held liable for injuries as a result of inappropriate use, God nature or other conditions beyond its control of knowledge. Lessee also agrees to indemnify and hold harmless Fiesta Jump from any loss, damage, theft or destruction of the equipment during the term of the lease and any extensions thereof.


Lessee understands and acknowledges that the blower is to be removed from the inflatable device and locked up in a secure location overnight.

A physical or digital copy of this agreement will be provided to you by the delivery driver, and it will require  a physical or digital signature by the lessee. 

                                                                 Fiesta Jumps Rental Agreement (Rules)

It is the responsibility of the person/s or organization hiring this inflatable equipment to ensure that all possible precautions are taken to avoid injury to people or damage to the inflatable. Please ensure the following safety instructions are followed.


1- No food, drinks or chewing gum on or around the inflatable. This will avoid a choking risk and keep the unit clean. (Please note if the inflatable is collected in dirty condition then the person hiring it will incur a cleaning charge.

2-Shoes, glasses jewelry and badges MUST be removed before using the inflatable to avoid injury to people's using the equipment and harm the inflatable.

3-No face paints, party poppers, colored streams or SILLY STRING to be used either on or near the inflatable. ( Please note these products will cause damage to the inflatable that cannot be repaired)

4- Only one rider allowed at the top of a water slide at a time, or 2 riders for double lane slides, 6 riders per bounce house or combo unit.

5- Fiesta Jumps is not responsible for sticking to damaging any underground utility lines/devices (Included but not limited to: Electrical, Plumbing, Sprinkles etc.) It is the lessee's responsibility to tell the Rental Company where the inflatable is to be set up and have any underground utility marked prior too.

6-Climbing, hanging or sitting on walls is dangerous and must not be allowed.

7- A responsible adult must supervise the inflatable at all the times.

8- Always ensure that the inflatable is not overcrowded and limit the number according to the age and size of children using it. Try to avoid large and small children to use it all the time.

9- Ensure children are not pushing, colliding, fighting or behaving in a manner likely to injure or cause distress to others.

10-No pets, toy or sharp instruments on the inflatable at any time.

11-Do not allowed anyone to bounce on the front safety step as this is dangerous.

12-Do not allow anyone to be on the inflatable equipment during inflation or deflation, as this is DANGEROUS.

13- Please ensure that children are not attempting somersaults and are clothed appropriately and nothing can fall from their pockets.

14-In the vent that the blower stops working, please ensure that all users get off the inflatable immediately and calmly. Check the fuses and make sure the blower tube or deflation tube has not come undone or something has not blown onto and is obstruction the blower. In the event that it overheats, or loses power, switch the blower off at the mains, then switch back again 1 or 2 minutes later, it should restart/ If f it does not inform us immediately.

15- THE MOST IMPORTANT RULE: DO NOT let children play on the inflatable without adult supervision. Adult supervision is necessary to enforce these rules for safe operation of the inflatable.


                                                                FIESTA JUMPS SAFETY/HOW TO CHECKLIST

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